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Sauna and steam bath

Our spacious sauna and steam baths are waiting for you.

reflection room with waterbed
reflection room with waterbed

When your mind and body are in harmony, then you know that the wonderful feeling of pure relaxation and feeling clean and healthy are just around the corner.Highlights of our new spa area include a stone-pine panorama sauna; natural brine steam bath and a herbal steam bath. The stone-pine panorama sauna has a unique traditional material of alpine habitat with a pleasant odor. Our natural brine and herbal steam baths will strengthen your defences, help the respiratory system and improve blood circulation.

Our infrared cabin – with or without brine nebulization – will send you into a deep state of relaxation. As an added attraction for fans of the sauna, we have an enlarged log cabin sauna with a crushed ice machine for you to enjoy. Our extended relaxation zone includes our Kaiser terrace, hay barn and sauna bar. We're certain we can offer something for anyone and everyone who understands the benefits of the sauna.

Important information for the sauna reopening on 18.07.2020

Due to the situation this year, we are only allowed to admit a certain number of visitors to our wellness area. How many guests per sauna cabin etc. are possible is noted on the respective door. We kindly ask you to observe this information and to keep the prescribed minimum distances at all times (except for persons from the same household). In the block sauna you as a guest are also allowed to make infusions - however, we would ask you to NOT graft the air afterwards. On days with bad weather, the sauna attendant in charge will also carry out infusions (without grafting) from 03.00 p.m.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Wellness and Health attractions include:

  • Log cabin - sauna in the outdoor area with a nudist field
  • Sauna - warm water pool 6 x 10 metres
  • Cold plunge pool in the outdoor area
  • Stone-pine panorama sauna
  • Natural brine steam bath
  • Herbal Steam Bath
  • Infrared cabin
  • Infrared cabin with brine nebulization
  • Sauna -Bar
  • Meditation room with waterbeds
  • Sauna
  • sauna - outdoor area
    sauna - outdoor area
  • sauna Kaiserbad
    sauna Kaiserbad
  • relaxing area
    relaxing area
  • quiet room
    quiet room
  • Steam bath
    Steam bath
  • infrared cabin
    infrared cabin
  • wellness area
    wellness area
  • Meditation room with waterbeds
    Meditation room with waterbeds